Ratatouille time toast time line first 58 mins

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In Film
  • the setting

    the house that a old lady lives in but dosent know that there is a rat coliny in her atic.
  • we meet the main characters

    we meet remi, omile , and there dad
  • he finds out that you can combine food to make somthing new

    he eats cheese with a straw berry
  • remi finds a way to cook a mushroom

    he has cheese a mushroom and rosmarie to cook with the mushroom.
  • the lady finds that the rats live in here atic

    the rats see this so they evacuate to the boats that hey made
  • when they evacuate they go in to the sewer

    remi goes the wrong way and loses his family
  • then his imagination makes gostue in the b0ook come to life

    he sees food and it makes him hungry so gusto makes him go up and look around
  • when he gets to the top of a apartment buliding he finds gusteas restrant

    the gusto on the restrant says its butifull
  • remi tells gostu every thing he knows about his restrant

    he looks from the roof of the restrant in parise
  • remi sees ligwiny rewing the soup

    ligwiny throughs random stuff im the soup wich would make it very bad
  • remi falls into the kichen and trys to get out throgh a window

    remi falls in to a sink for the roof and sees a way out but has to run though the kichin to get to a window to get out
  • when remi pases the soup he smells that it is bad

    when remi smells the soup he makes it better with his strong smell
  • after remi makes the soup beter it goes out where it will be tasted

    the soup goes out in public but the main chef thinks linginy mad it and trys to stop it
  • they figer out that it wasent any peson it was a critic

    a critic is someone that works for ego wich loves food and raits the restrant
  • remi try to exscape but gets caught

    he trys to exscape through the window but gets caught
  • linguiny figers out remi can say yes or no to him

    linguny can talk to remi and see how he cooked the soup so he could do it agein
  • then linguny bring remi to his house

  • linguiny gives the rat a home at his place

  • remi makes food for linguiny

  • remi repets the soup and linguniy dosent get fiered

  • colet teches linginy how to cook beter

  • remi finds him family agein

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