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  • Began to Read

    Began to Read
    My grandma always read to us and made us learn sight words for the books she read. This is how I was taught to read at four years of age.
  • Dislike to Read Out Loud

    Dislike to Read Out Loud
    In school I hated to read, especially out loud because I had a stutter and other children would laugh.
  • I Needed Entertainment

    I Needed Entertainment
    Because I a had 3 younger brothers they got to watch TV on our only TV. I did not like their shows and hated repeats. So my mom gave me a book called Junie B. Jones. I feel in love with the series and then started reading more series such as Nate the Great, The Puppy Place, American Girl, and more.
  • Reading to my Siblings

    Reading to my Siblings
    I loved to read to The Cat and The Hat books to my little brothers. They did not mind if I stuttered. Most of the time I also acted out the book, which helped with my stuttering.
  • Started to Love to Read

    Started to Love to Read
    I discovered that I can have my own voice in a book. the characters were perfect and I could relate to them in many ways. I could be myself when reading and get lost in hours of entertainment. My stutter did not matter when reading books.
  • First Library Visit

    First Library Visit
    My first library was the Whitney Library. They had a small selection of book and most of the time I had to reserve the book. I discovered Manga here.
  • Sahara West Library

    Sahara West Library
    This was the first library I went to where it actually had the books I wanted. My dad would drop me off and I would spend hours reading Manga. Before checking out about 15 books for the week.
  • Reading was my World

    Reading was my World
    Reading became a huge part of my life. For birthdays and Christmas I would receive gift cards from Boarders and Barnes & Nobles. When I started to earn an allowance I would go buy a book.
  • Wanting More

    Wanting More
    Wanting more to read, I began to read teen fictional stories. It started out with the Percy Jackson Series and then I started to love vampires so I started to read The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd.
  • Addicted

    I read in the bath, the bus, at dinner, the car, waiting in class, and more. Any free time I had it was in a book. I started to read so much that when I got in trouble my mom would take away my books.
  • New Obession

    New Obession
    After reading the Haunted Night Series, I wanted more teen fictional books. I loved the vampire books the most. I started to read Vampire Academy, twilight, Harry Potter, Morganville Vampires, Vampire Diaries and more.
  • High School Library

    High School Library
    When I started high school I spend all my lunch hour and break in the library. If I wasn't in the library I was reading on my own. Lost in my books.
  • Present

    After high school my reading has decreased due to work, school, other issues and becoming a mother. I always watch TV with subtitles on because I love to read then. I do read a children's book every night to my son and visit the library every week, to help my son start to read. Reading has change my perspective in life and help me find a place where I can explore my mind. Having that book near me, even though I was by myself to other people, I never felt alone.