Reading History

Timeline created by Endeam
  • Bedtime Reading

    Bedtime Reading
    Not sure when this begin but reading at home was very influential. My mother taught me early on that reading was liberating.
  • Book Fair

    Book Fair
    Frequent event where I bought any book that had an interesting title or cover. I recall Junie B Jones books being my favorite.
  • Book Reports

    Book Reports
    I enjoyed explaining the plot, characters, problems, setting, climax, etc. I also enjoyed answering questions such as how I would change the book.
  • Weekly Library Fieldtrips

    Weekly Library Fieldtrips
    My class would walk to the local library which was a block away from my school. The teachers encouraged us to get a library card and check out books frequently. The librarians always read a book in a theatrical tone and created activities to explain the lesson of the book.
  • Nevada Reading Week/ Dr. Seuss Day

    Nevada Reading Week/ Dr. Seuss Day
    Different community leaders or teachers dressed up as a character and read common favorites.
  • D.E.A.R/ School Reading Nights

    D.E.A.R/ School Reading Nights
    Drop Everything and Read is a daily activity when every student had to read independently for 30 minutes. My school would host reading nights, where families traveled to different classrooms reading books.
  • Receiving Books as gifts

    Receiving Books as gifts
    I particularly like receiving Goosebumps chapter books because I was in control of choosing the ending.
  • Reading Fluency Groups

    Reading Fluency Groups
    Students were divided into groups based on reading level, and word count test were conducted regularly. Everyone wanted to reach the top reading group.
  • Reading for Younger Students

    Reading for Younger Students
    I went to a K-12 school, where I was encouraged as a upper class-man to read to the kindergarten students.
  • Popcorn Reading

    Popcorn Reading
    One person would begin reading a paragraph and then the next would have to continue reading where the last person left off. A person could even call on a person across the room to continue reading.