Reconstruction Ch15.

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  • Proclamation Of amnesty And Reconstruction

    full pardons would be granted to most southerners who took an oath and accepted the emanciption of slaves
  • Reconstruction Plan of Lincoln And Jjohnson

    Licoln beieved southerner states couldnt contstitutionaly leave the unon and never did.
  • Wade Davis Bill

    proposed voters to take loyalty oath and permitted only non-confederates to vote for a new state constitution
  • Johnson and reconstruction

    all former leaders and officeholders with more than $20,000 provides them dif=sfranchisement.
  • lincoln Last Speech

    Lincoln encouraged northrner to accept Louisiana as a reconstructed state.
  • Southern Gov'ts

    southern states drew up constitutuions extending voting rights and abolished slavery.
  • Freedmens Bereau

    congress crated an important new agency: bereau acted as a kind of early welfare agency, providing food,shelter, medical aid.
  • Report Of The joint committee

    the committe issued a report recommending the the reorganized former states of the confederacy werent entited to rep on congress
  • Black Codes

    blacks couldnt rent land
    prohibited them from testifying against whites in courts
    they were in emibondage
  • Congressional Reconstruction

    Rejecting presidential Reconstrucyion congress adopted a plan that was harsher on southern whites and more protective of freed blacks,
  • Radical Republicans

    there was division between the moderates and radicals, Most republicans shifted to the radical position.
  • civil rights act of 1866

    pronounced all blacks to be u.s. citizens and provided legal shields from the black codes.
  • 14 Amend.

    declared all persons born in the u.s. citizens
    states were to respect the rights of the citizens
  • reconstruction acts

    act divided thhe former confederate states into five military distracts, each under the union army.
  • impeacment of andrew johnson

    law prohibited the president from removing a federal official or miltay commander witoutbthe approval of the senate
  • reconstruction in the south

    the republican party in the south reoranized and dominated the govt's of the ex-confederates state.
  • 15th amend.

    prohibited states from denying or abridging a citizens right to vote.
  • The North During Reconstruction

    the norths economy in the post years cont'd to be driven by the industrial revolution and probuisness policies.
  • election of 1872

    democratice party nominated Greely, but Grant was reelected by a landslide.
  • panic of 1873

    farmer sought inflationary, easymoney by demanding greenback paper money that wasnt supported by gold.
  • End of Reonstruction

    reconstructed had entered another phase which proved to be its third and final round which was its final round. The reedemers had different social and economic backgorund but agrred on the same political ideas.
  • election of 1868

    despites grant popularity in the north he managed to win only 300,000 more popular votes than his democratic republican.