Reliance - Gassing India all the way

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  • New Exploration Licensing Policy awarded to RIL

  • Addendum to Initial Development Plan (AIDP) submitted by RIL - Price per unit is 2.34$

  • The negotiations for the first price rise took place when Mani Shankar Aiyar was in a 20 -month-stint as petroleum minister. He refused.

  • Mani shankar Aiyar sacked

  • Jaipal Reddy sacked

  • RIL started pushing for a second price rise. This time they wanted the price to be hiked to an atrocious $14.2 per unit. Mr.Jaipal Reddy refused to toe the line.

  • gas production reduced to a dismal 35 MMSCMD in February 2012 and at present it’s in 28 MMSCMD and is constantly on a decline.