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  • Rep. Party Found

    The republican party all started by a discussion about the Kansas-Nebraska Act . wheather it should be allowed or not. The democrats agree it should be pass, but a group of people refused and plan to set up a different party and called themselves the Republican.
  • First rep convention

    The First Republican convention was held in Ripson, Wisconsin. The first republican candidate for presidency was John C. Fremont who lost the presidency by Democrat James Buchanan.
  • First Rep. President.

    In the Presidential election of 1860 the first rep candidate won the presidential election. The Republican president was Abraham lincoln. Lincoln won the election because the republican party was base on the northern white protestant businessmen, factory works, farmers and some african americans.
  • Ulysses S. Grant

    The Union famous millitary general during the civil war won the presidency because of his bravery and courage. He was the first republican president to win two presidential terms.
  • reconstruction

    Rutherford B. Hayes won the election of 1876, he help reconstruct the southern states after the war. his republican identity made the party stronger with his ideas .
  • Sherman anti-trust act

    the republican party agree on the sherman anti-trust act and the interstate commerce commisson to exchange and sell stuff through out themselves. gave the republicans great figure , but sadly lost the election of 1890.
  • immigration era

    During the immigration era , many of the european immigrants were in favor of the republican party. That was the most obvious type of party they knew about.
  • progressive party

    the progressive party was founded after democratic president teddy Roosevelt. The republicans agree and welcome the new party. republicans knew this would be a great idea to win campaign and to keep having a stronger figure of the republican party
  • republican power

    The republican party contol the presidency throughout the 1920's. there was new ideas made by the party economy was going great with the new inventions .companies and government were making good profit.
  • Great Depression

    it seem that the ideas and knowledge of the republicans were going great untill they didnt realize about the credit debt and the borrow profit you get from the stock market that led the whole nation broke, the party loss respect and franklin roosevelt won campaign with His "New Deal" plan.
  • liberal republicans

    the party had no choice to help and make the economy get better.The liberals were generally liberal in domestic policy, supported unions, and supported much of the New Deal, later this policy died by the 1940's
  • eisenhower and Nixon

    was the first republican presidential inaguration for 24 years. nixon was reelected in 1972 he won in favor of 49 states . he stop the new deal movement of franklin roosevelt.
  • Dwight Eisenhower

    in the year 1962 republican candidate Dwight D Eisenhower took over the white house his ideas, plans, and fixing policy issues made the democrats out the elections for almost 20 years.
  • Ronald Reagan

    republican president , won by 60% of the votes. He won mostly by the Reagan Democrat. he was an important republican because he renew the credit on the economy. made the party even stronger with his new ideas to help this nation do better.
  • George H. Bush

    Bush won presidency with a great amount of supporters as well as Ronal Reagan. Bush greatest accomplishment was gaining respect of the people and making the government powerful.
  • George Bush Jr

    George Bush won the republican presidential election against Senator John MCcain.the Republican Party gained control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress for the first time since 1952. but unfortunately lost control of the senate when James Jeffords left the the party to be independent.
  • John McCain

    Republican senator run for office with sarah palin against barack obama and Joe biden. McCain lost for the second time . had strong faith for the republican party to keep in control,
  • republican control

    republicans won back control of the House of Representatives in the November general election. there main goal is to make obama a one- term presidency.
  • Mitt Romney

    republican candidate running for office against democrat president Barack Obama. His main goals are to fix the economy obama has led to.