Republican party

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  • Madison

    The Republican Party led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
  • economic growh

    Economic growth and rapid territorial expansion caused the Republican
  • When the Republilcan Party was created

    The Republican Party was a minor political organization. It was created in New York in June 1843. it had a protest against immigrant voters and officeholders.
  • convention

    official party convention was held on july 6, 1854.
  • when it started

    it started on 1854 by those who were against extension of slavery.
  • how many were elected

    44 Republicans were elected in 1854 to the senate and various state houses
  • repbulicans split the party

    In 1856 the repubicans split the party, and formed the Radical democracy party. The group choose John C Fremont as presdential candidate.
  • taking advantage over the democratts

    From 1860 to 1912, the Republicans took advanatge of the with the "Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion.
  • licoln was nominated for party ticket

    In the election of 1864 a majority of Republicans united with democrats to nominate Lincoln to the National Union Party ticket.
  • German Americans

    German Americans, who broke ranks in 1890-1892, handing power to the Democrats
  • Republicans agrees to sherman antitrus act

    by 1890 the Republicans had agreed to the Sherman Antitrust act and the interstate commerce commission in response to complaints from owners of small businesses and farmers
  • Democrats are blammed.

    Democrats were blamed for the severe economic depression in 1893-1897. and the violent coal and railroad strikes in 1894.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt, who became president in 1901, had the most dynamic personality of the era in the nation
  • woman elected to congress

    The first woman elected to congress was a Republican, Jeanette Rankin from montana in 1917.
  • national prohibitions

    Prohibition debates and referendums heated up politics in most states over a period of decade
  • great depression cost hoover the presidency

    african americans started moving toward Roosevelt. By 1940 the majority of northern blacks were voting Democratic.
  • Debate within GOP

    there was a debate within the GOP about support for Britain in World War II.
  • Reagan

    Reagan won nearly 60 percent of the popular vote and carried every state except his Democratic opponent Walter Mondale