Reusable charger

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  • Day 1: Recruit

    Day 1: Recruit
    Recruit a team to help you through the 30 day process. This could really help our product as their will be a range of different opinions, suggestions and it will be easier and more efficient to split work. The people we will be looking at to join our team would be creative and open-minded people that are passionate about keeping the environment. These people wont be investors nor will they be team members but partners. This being said my group and I will have more power in different aspects.
  • Day 2: Meeting

    All new recruited members will come to a meeting and we will discuss the product at its rawest. The members will then go home and think about the raw product. We will also get funding from the bank and/or organisations
  • Day 17: Faults and Problems

    On day 17 we will work through all the faults and problems that the individuals presentations have shown. We will also start discussing how we could advertise our product and get it known to everyone (especially to our target audience). We should talk about advertising through social medias as our product is for appliances that access social medias. It would also have a good wide target audience to view our product.
  • Day 29: Improvements

    Make improvements to our product using our feedback we have collected we will also make more improvements and final touches.
  • Day 30:

    This day will be our release day where we will release our product!!
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    Days 3-7: Disscussion

    Our members will all present ideas over the 5 days that will build on the bone of our raw product. Between each day they will consult with themselves and on the 7th day the members will all pitch their final ideas which may have others ideas in it and we all, as a majority choose one. With the votes it will be our groups decision to either go with the votes or override the majority and pick which one we believe is more suitable. In these days we will register our business (ABN) + the things need
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    Days 8-12: assignment

    We will all then be assigned questions and all make presentations of our findings. The presentations should also have problems that they have found while trying to research their assigned question. These questions will be things like:
    - What type of materials will be more efficient and environmentally safe?
    - What facility would be more environmentally safe to produce our product?
    - How can we make our product incredibly durable and safe?
    ect ect
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    Days 13-16

    On day 13 all members will present their presentations and tell us the things that we need to work through together. E.g. Need more research on one of the materials. The making of the product may be too expensive.
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    Days 18-21: Trails

    Before these dates we will already have our 1) location, which was found in the days 8-12 2) materials, all information on who to contact and where to get our materials from will already be found in the days 8-12. Throughout these 4 days we will produce a trail amount of products and run tests.
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    Days 22-28: Feedback

    In this week we will send out trails to different age groups, people with different interests and hobbies so on (target audiences). We will ask for all triers for feedback.We will receive this feedback by having a social media page and/or email address and PO box. This was all our feedback will can be received and given.