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In History
  • Conservation Easement South created

    Conservation Easement South created
    SWFWMD accepts 1.952 acre conservation easement from Lennar Homes/River Woods in exchange for wetlands developed by Lennar elsewhere in the RW development. Signed by John Sellinger (President of both Lennar Homes and RW HOA board). This mandates protection of the conservation easement property in perpetuity. Note: The easement lies between the purple line and the waters' edge.
  • Observation deck #1

    Original community observation deck is built on Lennar property (2002-3).
  • Medallion buys property

    Medallion purchases from Lennar the unfinished portion of River Woods phases III and IV (this includes property along the Manatee River). (Some time in 2003)
  • First dock has been built

    First dock has been built
    1 out of 5 docks now in place.
  • Four docks total have been built

    Four docks total have been built
    4 out of 5 docks now in place.
  • Fifth (and final) dock has been built

    Fifth (and final) dock has been built
    5 out of 5 docks now in place.
  • Observation deck #2

    Observation deck #2
    Medallion requests RW HOA to move the community observation deck from Medallion-owned property. The deck gets moved to the current location.
  • Pathway to obs. deck

    Pathway to obs. deck
    The pathway to the observation deck is in place. The walking path material is located partially within the conservation easement.
  • SWFWMD officially issues violation

    SWFWMD officially issues violation
    SWFWMD sends letter to RW HOA indicating multiple violations of the conservation easement. These include 5 docks, boardwalk, observation deck/path, and changes to rear-lot water conveyance that impinges on the easement.
  • SWFWMD offers permit

    SWFWMD agrees to an “after the fact” permit deal for RW to use the conservation easement. SWFWMD establishes the number of "mitigation bank credits" needed for this deal.
  • "Major Modification"

    SWFWMD requires "Major Modification” to RW HOA’s original Environmental Resource Program (ERP) permit.
  • RW submits application

    RW HOA submits Major Modification application for permit 6546.06 to SWFWMD.
  • SWFWMD grants extension

    SWFWMD approves 90 day extension to both RW HOA re major modification application, and to Medallion re mitigation credit transfer.
  • Permit approval anticipated

    Anticipated permit modification approval by SWFWMD.