Road to religion timeline

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  • Religious requirements for voting

    Religious requirements for voting
    Although people did have a voice in voting, it was a limited voice. Only men with a certain amount of land could vote. You also had to be a member of the church.
  • The Pilgrims

    The Pilgrims
    The pilgrims were being persecuted in England so they came to the New World. The pilgrims were relatively tolerant and celebrated thanksgiving with the native americans.
  • The Puritans

    The Puritans
    The Puritans were a religious group that was extremely intolerant of anyone who opposed their religious ideas. They come for religious freedom and settle Mass bay and banished people who opposed them.
  • Maryland‐ The Catholic Experiment

    Maryland‐ The Catholic Experiment
    The Catholics came because of persecution and were extremely tolerant.
  • Dissent in Massachusetts Bay

    Dissent in Massachusetts Bay
    Anne Hutchinson spoke her mind about religion in front of the puritans and was banished from Massachusetts bay in 1637.
  • More Dissent in Massachusetts Bay

    More Dissent in Massachusetts Bay
    Roger Williams was banished for speaking his mind about religious freedom and Native american treatment. He believed in separation in church and state.
  • Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

    Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
    Quakers believed in religious freedom and any religion was welcomed in their region. (William Penn established Pennsylvania)
  • First great awakening

    First great awakening
    Renewed interest in church and religion.
  • Virginia statutes for religious freedom

    Virginia statutes for religious freedom
    Going to make a separation of church and government in all 13 states.