Road to Religious Freedom

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  • Pilgrim culture

    The Pilgrims were nice loving people and they settled in Plymouth and made that their home. They left England because they wanted to believe in what they wanted to believe in instead of what their assigned church wanted them to believe in.
  • Puritan Culture

    The Puritans believed that they were fully pure they dressed in deep dark clothing with no fashion sense. They also didn't like when others didn't believe in their religion and when they would speak up. If you ever decided to do that they would kill you.
    They moved to the new world to share their religion.
  • Maryland Catholic experiment

    Cecelius Calvert created Maryland to have a free place for Cathliocs to live where they didn’t have to be restricted from so many rules. Thanks to Cecelius Maryland was made and Catholics were able to live out their religion and not have so many restirctions
  • Dissent in Massachusets Bay

    Anne Hutchins spoke up about how she felt which was very disrespectful in these days and she stated that why should there be biblical laws if the people preaching it can’t follow it. She then left and joined another colony that had her same beliefs
  • Quaker Culture

    William Penn had a deal with the King to get a ton of land in the New World and start a colony with his religion in it. Their motivation was the fact that they were hated on for being Quakers in England so they moved to the New World.
  • The Great Awakening

    The Great Awakening was a chain of religious revival through out the Americas from 1730 to 1770.
    Many people left their previous colonies to full fill the religion they wanted and decided to believe in and it went all through out America.
  • Virginia Statues

    This was a principle that all peoples had freedom of religion and could support whatever they want and believe whatever they want.