Road to Revolution

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  • Intolerable acts

    These were laws passed after the Boston tea party that punished Massachusetts.
  • French and Indian war

    The war started in 1754, the war gave English a lot of territorial gain.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    This was the proclamation that ended the French and Indian war. It was a fair statement that restricted the English and their land
  • The Sugar Act

    This was the name of what the trading process of sugar and molasses.
  • Stamp act of 1766

    This was an act of protesting and voting if they should buy a British stamp for every official document.
  • Townshend act of 1767

    This was the act of taxing goods that was imported to the America.
  • Boston Massacre

    This was a confrontation, where soldiers shoot and killed many people, while being abused by a mob.
  • Tea Act

    This was the act to reduce the amount of tea in a warehouse in England and to help small companies.
  • Boston Tea Party

    This was a political protest by the sons of liberty.
  • 1st continental congress

    delegates from each of the 13 colonies, except for Georgia, and mad the Parliament's Coercive Acts.