Robert Downey Jr

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  • An early debut

    An early debut
    Robert Downey Jr. made his film debut at just five years old. It was in 'Pound', a film directed by his father, independent filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. The film also featured his sister Allison, a year older than him. During his childhood and adolescence he participated in up to five films of his father.
  • I was going to dancer

    I was going to dancer
    During her childhood she moved several times. She went through New York, Los Angeles and London, where at age 10 she studied classical ballet. When her parents divorced in 1978, she went to Los Angeles to live with her father. A few years later he dropped out of high school and returned to New York to try to build a career as an actor. It was then that he befriended a young Kiefer Sutherland, and worked as a waiter and in a shoe store while his first opportunity came.
  • His first protagonist

    His first protagonist
    'Baby It's You' (John Sayles, 1983) was his first Hollywood job. At this time she also participated in a classic eighties such as 'The explosive woman' and 'Back to school'. These early roles caught the attention of the producers of 'Saturday Night Live', where he starred in 18 episodes. The famous and long-running show was the launching pad for her first starring role in the romantic comedy 'The Girl Hunter' (James Tobak, 1987), alongside Molly Ringwald and Dennis Hopper.
  • Drug problems

    Drug problems
    "It's like having a loaded gun in your mouth and your finger on the trigger, you know that at any moment it's going to fire but you like the taste of the gun's metal." With this phrase Robert Downey Jr. defined his drug addiction before the judge in 1999. The actor began his dangerous game with drugs at the end of the 80s, although he himself acknowledges that with only 8 years he had already tried marijuana through mediation of his own father.
  • Arrested and convicted

    Arrested and convicted
    In 1996 he was arrested in Los Angeles for speeding and possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crack. He was sentenced to three years of probation and sent to a rehabilitation center. But he eventually ended up with the bones in jail a year later for continued parole violations. In 1999 he was sentenced to 11 months in prison in a prison for criminals with addiction problems.
  • His disastrous role in 'Ally McBeal'

    His disastrous role in 'Ally McBeal'
    In 2000 she was released and saw no papers for the big screen arrive. He was considered a controversial and unreliable actor due to his addiction. He then decided to participate in eight episodes of 'Ally McBeal'. That was when it hit rock bottom. Downey Jr. was arrested several times during breaks from filming the series. Although he managed to escape jail, the judge forced him in 2001 to re-enter a center, from which he left a year later
  • Singing career

    Singing career
    Robert Downey Jr., like other actors, has also tried his luck in the world of music. In 2004 he released an album under the title 'The Futurist', in which he sings various songs composed by himself. It should also be remembered that he starred in the video 'I Want Love' by Elton John
  • Your love relationships

    Your love relationships
    His conquest résumé includes Sarah Jessica Parker, with whom he had a seven-year relationship, and Marisa Tomei, his partner in 'Chaplin' (Richard Attenborough, 1992) and 'Only You' (Norman Jewison, 1994). He was married for 12 years to Deborah Falconer, with whom he had his son Indio. His current wife is executive producer Susan Levin, who has given him their second son, Exton Elias Downey.
  • Two Oscar nominations

    Two Oscar nominations
    His magnificent performance in 'Chaplin' earned him his first Oscar nomination for best leading actor. The second, as best supporting actor, came 16 years later, in 2008, for 'Tropic Thunder' (Ben Stiller). The pools are back to bet on him thanks to his work in 'The judge', where he plays a lawyer who returns to his town to investigate a murder in which his father (Robert Duvall) is involved.
  • In the 'Iron Man' suit

    In the 'Iron Man' suit
    The three parts of 'Iron Man' have made Downey Jr. a millionaire and one of the highest grossing stars in Hollywood. At first, the producers were suspicious that he was the right fit for the role and even proposed Sam Rockwell, ultimately the villain of the second installment. But time has proven that Robert is the best Tony Stark possible. By the way, although 'Iron Man' has given him fame, he considers his best film to be 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' (Shane Black, 2005).