Robert Latimer

Timeline created by baylh
  • Murdered his daughter

    Murdered his daughter
    Murdered his daughter by placing her in his pick up truck and connecting a hose from the exhaust to the truck. Turning it on and posioning her with carbon monoixde.
  • Jury Conviction

    Jury convicted Robert for second-degree murder for killing his daughter tracy. The Mandatory sentence for second-degree murder is life and no parole for 10 years, but the jury recommends that he is eligble for parole after one year.
  • Judges Sentence

    Judge Ted Noble decided on a sentence of less than 2 years with one year spent in the community doing work.
  • Saskatchewan Court reveses sentence

    The court reveses the jury`s sentence and gives Latimer life with no parole for 10 years
  • Supreme Court decsion

    The final decsion for Latimer's sentence was life with no parole for 10 years
  • Granted full parole

    Granted full parole
    It was a long process but Latimer was finally granted parole and it was to take effect on Decemeber 6, 2010