Saudi Arabia

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  • Sunni Raids

     Sunni Raids
    Saudi Arabs led Sunni raids into Karbala, Iraq, killing about 5,000 people.
  • Opening

    After Lawrence of Saudi Arabia, blew up the Hijaz railway line in Saudi Arabia they rebuilt this railway again, so there was a grand opening for this event.
  • The Revolt

    The Revolt
    Mecca which was under the control of the Turks, fell to the Arabs during the Great Arab Revolt. Sharif Hussein, Arab Emir of Mecca, led the revolt
  • Attack against Jordan

    Attack against Jordan
    In this event the Arabs in Saudi Arabia attacked and seized Jordan. This led to a very bad situation.
  • The Independence

    The Independence
    On May 20, 1927 the Saudi Arabian's got freedom from Great Britian which was from the treaty of Jedda. This led to the freedom that they have now.
  • Proclamation

    The kingdom of Saudi Arabia was proclaimed. This told many people to come to Saudi Arabia. This pulled people into Saudi Arabia.
  • Oil Struck

    Oil Struck
    Saudi Arabia gave Oil of California exclusive rights to explore for oil. Socal formed the California Arabian Standard Oil Co. to drill for oil in Saudi Arabia.
  • Slavery

    On November 6,1969 slavery in Saudi Arabia was abolished or stopped. So till this day there is no slavery.
  • The new king arrives

    The new king arrives
    On June 13, 1982 King Khalid died of a heart attack and is succeeded by his brother, Crown Prince Fahd Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al Sa'ud. This led Prince Fahd Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al Sa'ud to great power.
  • The attack

    The attack
    This attack was an explosive bomb at the US military complex near Dhahran killing 19 and wounding over 300. This made a bad relationship with Saudi Arabia and U.S.A.