Sepak Takraw's Guide To America

Timeline created by clarkk22
  • Expansion (Year 1)

    Expansion (Year 1)
    We are planning to enter the U.S through the midwest and southern markets. (Kansas City, St. Louis, Cincinnati, etc.) Mainly because the risk is not as big, if we were to enter one of the major markets first. We'll partner with the local newspapers in every big city of those states. Social media is also a main use to market our sport. Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook will be the main focus with our social media, lets people interact with us, see cool clips, & market our brand entirely.
  • Attack Major Markets

    Attack Major Markets
    After we've established ourselves, and gain popularity in those mid & lower markets, we will shift our focus to the major markets. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Dallas/Houston, etc. This will help us to create the Sepak Takraw League, if administrators are a bit apprehensive about the league, we can show them our success in Canada. We will then start to produce jerseys, shorts, and other accessories for public consumption.
  • Global Spread

    Global Spread
    By 2030, we're hoping that we'll expand our sport global regions. The sport is already well known all throughout Asia and Canada. We want to target Europe, South America, & Africa mainly. We'll partner with the popular sports news site, Bleacherreport and their social media team, as they have a marketing team for every sport. (Basketball, Futbol, etc.) They have a global impact so this will help us expand.

    Our major goal, other than getting Sepak Takraw in the homes of millions around the world, is to get it established as an olympic sport. The process for a sport to be implemented into the olympics takes 7 years, so this will take some time. However we are confident that our sport will be popular enough to speed the process up.
  • Giving to our Communities

    Giving to our Communities
    We will create summer programs for children, scholarship opportunities and will ask high schools and colleges to make them league sports.