Willy Fog's project

Timeline created by Anna Anto
  • Session 1

    Working on the aim of the project
  • Session 3 -Steady

    Designing a travel plan (geography) and a budget (economy concepts)
  • Session 2 -Ready

    Written Report - Working on the structure of the written report, Future & Conditionals and Vocabulary related to travel.
  • Session 4 -Go!

    Summarising everything about writing a final report.
    Final product submission.
  • Session 5

    Create an infographic based on the written report.
    Learning to summarise the report.
  • Session 6

    Digital class. Use of simple and clear language.
    Study of some infographics as examples in class.
  • Session 7

    Preparing the oral presentation. Study of the semi-formal standard language. Phrases for a presentation.
  • Session 8

    Preparing the oral presentation. Tips to persuade the audience.
    Students record their own voice.
  • Session 9

    Self-Assessment of students with regard to an oral rubric.
    Students exchange their audios and evaluate their classmates' speech.
  • Session 10

    Collecting final documents for Business Angel's presentation.
    Tips for public speaking in front of an audience (rythm, fluency, body-language)
  • Session 11

    Public-speaking rehearsal. Self-assessment and assessment peer to peer. Discussing last details before the public speaking in front of Business Angels (other teachers, parents, professionals)
  • Session 12

    Real presentation to persuade Business Angels to invest in their project. The same day after classes there is a big party to hand out the awards to winners.
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    Willy Fog's Project