Timeline created by blaineharp
  • 1,550 BCE

    Egyption Shoes

    Egyption Shoes
    Made from woven reed and straps of thinner reed. People no longer had to go barefoot anymore.
  • 43

    Roman Sandals

    Roman Sandals
    First footwear made to fit the specific foot. For soldiers, imprints from their footprint could be left in the ground so that they can leave a message.
  • 1450

    Rounded toe shoes

    Rounded toe shoes
    Most shoes were pointed but the rounded toe soon became popular after it was introduced. It was most common in children. Rounded toes were more comfortable and fit peoples feet better.
  • Modern shoelaces on shoes

    Modern shoelaces on shoes
    A British inventor put shoelaces on shoes and the shoe game was changed forever. Before this, most shoes had buckles or straps. This made it easier to put on shoes and to keep them tight if you wanted them or loose if you wanted them.
  • Wellington Boots

    Wellington Boots
    These were the first rubber boots made. They were high boots that kept you dry if you were out in the rain or snow. They were also helpful for farmers who had to go out in poop and help keep the poop and mud off of their pants.
  • Cowboy boots

    Cowboy boots
    These boots were made to help cowboys riding horses to help them keep their boots on and lock into their stirrups better.
  • Sneakers

    They were called sneakers because they were silent when you walked. They were a more comfortable shoe option for someone who was active and doing things throughout the day.
  • Velcro Shoes

    Velcro Shoes
    The first velcro shoes were made by Puma in 1968. They made it easier to put on your shoes and save time because you didn't have to tie them every time.
  • Nike uses 3-D printing to allow custom rubber soles

    Nike uses 3-D printing to allow custom rubber soles
    This allowed people to chose what design or color you want your shoe to be.