Shreya's Life

Timeline created by Shreya777
  • Born

    I was born in Canton, MI four days before my due date. Everyone got cake and ice cream because I was born but they didn't give me any even though that cake was for me :(
  • Sister

    My sister was born in Connecticut where we were visiting my dad. She was named after a person my mom met at the playground.
  • Claustraphobia

    When I was five my sister jumped on my face while I was under the covers and trying to sleep which made me feel unsafe and ever since that day I have been claustrophobic. I chose to include this event because it has impacted my life and my ability to do what would be normal for others.
  • Moved

    We moved into the house that we are currently living in. My mom chose this house because the numbers added up to 7 (it's our lucky number).
  • First Friend

    I made my first friend in 3rd grade. She was the new girl and we both didn't have any friends so I asked her if she wanted to play after lunch, she said yes and now she is my best friend. (I don't know the exact date).
  • Made a youtube channel

    Me and my sister made a youtube channel (because she would bother me nonstop about it), now we have fun making the videos. We make doll stop motions and just random stuff about dolls.
  • Changed Schools

    I came to this school from south canton scholars which I attended since kindergarten before I came here. I switched schools because my mom's friends told her public schools are better (also because I don't like school uniforms).