smart watch timeline

Timeline created by B.Goodfriend
  • the first smartwatch

    the first smartwatch
    the first smartwatch was mad in 1972 by , the Hamilton Watch Company and Electro/Data Inc. it is the first digital watch , the Pulsar was sold for $2,100.
  • first Microsoft smartwatch

    first Microsoft smartwatch
    the Timex Datalink became the very first watch capable of downloading data from a computer wirelessly
  • Ruputer smartwatch comes out

    Ruputer smartwatch comes out
    the Ruputer smartwatch is a wristwatch computer that was made in June 10th 1998 by Seiko
  • samsung watch phone

    samsung watch phone
  • Garmin forerunner

    Garmin forerunner
    the Garmin forerunner is the first Garmin smartwatch
  • sony smartwatch

    sony smartwatch
    The Sony SmartWatch is a line of wearable devices developed and marketed by Sony Mobile that connect to Android smartphones and can display Twitter feeds, SMS, among other things.
  • samsung galaxy gear

    samsung galaxy gear
    the Samsung galaxy gear is the first smartwatch in the galaxy gear family
  • first apple watch

    first apple watch
    the apple watch is one of the most used smartwatches in the market. the apple watch has Apple pay which a lot of people in the world use.
  • the first Fitbit smartwatch

    the first Fitbit smartwatch
    the first Fitbit smartwatch was called the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch one of the features of the smartwatch is it has a built in GPS built into it
  • apple smartwatch series 5

    apple smartwatch series 5
    the Apple smartwatch series 5 came out in the event with the iPhone 11 and some other Apple products