Timeline created by One_LimiT
  • First SMG

    The first automatic weapon to fire a pistol round was a scaled-down version of the Maxim machine gun, used for demonstrations in marketing the Maxim in the late 19th century, especially when a full-sized firing range was not available.
  • Italian made SMG

    The Italians developed the Villar Perosa, introducing it in 1915.
  • First Proper SMG

    The Bergmann MP18 is the first true submachine gun
  • SMG

    During this time the SMG started to become a gangster weapon in America
  • SMG

    The MP38 was in production but some were used during the invsion of Poland by Nazi Germany.
  • SMG

    SMG starts to be used with a supressor by the police force, counter terroists and other special forces.