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  • Listening to Lady Gaga In The Car

    Listening to Lady Gaga In The Car
    I am not sure why but I remember from ages 4-10 years old all I would do is listen to Lady Gaga. I listened to Lady Gaga's music a lot when I was around 4 years old. For some reason my first ever memory was sitting in the car after going to the Hummelstown Pool and jamming out to Lady Gaga as a little 4 year old. Most of my peers that age was still listening to twinkle twinkle little star while I thought I was a big girl and should listen to Lady Gaga.
  • Kindergarten

    I do not remember the first day of Kindergarten but I do remember a lot of events that went on during Kindergarten. I remember my teacher was very mean to the kids she would basically call you out as a wimp (did not used the term "wimp" though) in front the other kids if you cried while she was yelling at you. I remember there was many times I felt like crying from her yelling but I tried so hard to keep it together and luckily I did. Other kids unfortunately could not prevent the tears coming.
  • Swine Flu

    Swine Flu
    Back then, they did not tell kids too young almost anything about the Swine flu. I was in 1st grade when the Swine Flu was at the worst, I found out about it one day when they surprised the 1st graders to go to the cafeteria at an odd time. My teacher said most of you will meeting one of your parents. I saw my dad there and he said everyone must get a shot the flu is really bad this year. I remember getting the shot then later crying into my dad's arms not wanting to go back to class as it hurt.
  • 2012 Crazy Conspiracy Theory

    2012 Crazy Conspiracy Theory
    I saw the movie 2012 in 2011, this movie was based on the popular conspiracy the world is going to end in 2012. This theory was so popular even kids knew about it. Obviously that never happened, but there is people who believe it did happen and when 2012 hit it put us in a parallel universe that is slightly different from the last one. That explains why we now have Mandela effects when before then that was never a thing. I believe it because when I look at pictures back then I look different.
  • Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Morty, Futurama, and Bob's Burgers

    Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Morty, Futurama, and Bob's Burgers
    Even though it seems inappropriate for a 11 year old to be exposed to shows like these, the struggles of being the youngest sibling means you are more likely to be exposed to adult-like things than your peers. I do admit I love these shows, they all have to do with a big part of my life. I think the reason why I love these shows is because they attack every type of person there is. No one is left out, even my stereotype was being made fun of and I still laughed because it is funny how accurate.
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    I remember the first day of school (6th grade) having the best breakfast I ever had in a school morning. The younger I was in middle school the better my school routine was. I do not remember much from middle school other than the classes feeling longer than they do in high school. Which apparently I was going to LDMS when they where still going over the 8 hour school day limit. It was only until I got to high school, they changed the schedule and now for the middle school it is only 8 hours.