Space jam

Timeline created by Colton.B
In Film
  • 1

    Aliens go to lonely toon world there they hold a meeting about how they should be able to defend them selves and challenge them to a game of basketball.
  • 2

    What they did not now was that the little aliens would soon steel all the best NBA players talent.
  • 3

    So what the Looney Tunes it is they sucked Michael Jordan down a call ball hole buy tricking him into thinking he got a hole-in-one and then Michael Jordan agreed to the loony toons win the basketball game.
  • 4

    So now came time to play it started off like any other game now the team had a Headstart of 6 to 2 but then the man stars as they come in the movies got up 60 points to two and then halftime is called
  • 5

    At this point in the movie Michael Jordan gave a speech about how they should win the game but no one cares they all thought it was hopeless until Bugs Bunny tricked them a sticky note on a water bottle and filling up with water and a sticky note said the special stuff and everyone got encouraged by drinking.
  • 6

    So now they went out destroyed the competition and then they were only down by four points when the third quarter was called
  • 7

    And I’m a boss of aliens said to crush them and then a third player and started in the man stars played rough and tackled everyone and then only four players can play And the referee said you need another player to player if you forfeit and then someone came in how had always wanted to play basketball basketball and they compose a plan.
  • 8

    And then the game resumed but they only were down by one point And so they did their best they passed the ball back and forth and then they pass it to Michael but she took down the court and a guy grabbed him by the waste reached out and scored it at the last second.
  • 9

    And since he won the game he gave all the NBA player’s talents back and then back and joined basketball