Stages of Play and useful toys (source

Timeline created by alex.spang
  • 6 Month old baby

    A baby now has the ability to control their body.
    A baby will begin to look for things they have droped.
    Only needs slight support when sitting up.
    Suggested toys:
    That encourage crawling.
    Stacking Toys
    Baby books for pointing and talking
  • 12 Month old Child

    A baby understands much of what is said.
    A baby will initiate actions such as talking on the phone, or drinking.
    Anticipates actions, such as pointing the foot to put a sock on.
    Suggested toys:
    Toys that encourgae physical development.
    Musical Toys
    Ride on toys
  • 18 to 24 Months old child

    Can follow simple instructions.
    Is mobile.
    Constantly trying and practicing.
    Suggested toys
    Construction and building playstes.
    Playdough or Clay
    Toys to encoruage learning
  • 4 year old child

    Can walk along a curb, climb up the steps of a slide, use a monkey bar, ride a bicycle.
    Learn to swim, skate, ski, dance and use a trampoline
    May write own name on paintings.
    Suggested Toys
    Role play
    Creative activity toys
    Toys for learning shapes, colors, numbers and letters
    Simple board games
  • 5+ year old child

    Can draw real things in pictures.
    memory span expands
    can solve problems
    Suggested toys
    Jump rope
    interactive pre-school toys
    creative toys