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Timeline created by Annafrazee
  • 1433

    China Ends its great expeditions

    China became known as a land of mystery to most of the lands, as the fall of the Kahn's began to take place.
  • 1434

    Portugal extends expeditions along west African Coast

    They were power hungry and brought back slaves, spices, and many stories of gold hoards.
  • 1488

    Portuguese round Cape of Good Hope

    Cape of good hope is the southern tip of Africa, and the Portuguese were actually the first to circumnavigate around it, in search of a direct route to India.
  • 1492

    Columbus's first expedition

    "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue"... Columbus successfully sailed and returned to and from the New world under the name of the Spanish monarchy.
  • Period:

    Vasco De Gama sails to India

    A Portuguese explorer who used his strong forces to intimidate, kill, or torture many Indian merchants.
  • 1509

    First Spanish colonies on Latin American mainland

    Latin America was originally "settled" by the Spanish, but it was later given to the Portuguese.
  • British defeat Spanish armada

    A historic battle, after the British had started to build faster, stronger, and lighter vessels.
  • Japan begins isolation policy

    Japanese leaders were afraid of western influence, at the same time the feudal wars were going on.
  • Dutch launch colony in Southern Africa

    Dutch farmers were sent out (Boers), where they spread out and populated the lands, establishing a colony.
  • East India Company controls bengal

    East India company had a government monopoly, but they were not really supervised by their own states.