Stearns ch. 21

Timeline created by Annafrazee
  • 1462

    Much of Russia freed from Tartars by Ivan III (Ivan the great)

    Ivan III was the prince duchy of Moscow; claimed descent from Rurik; responsible for freeing Russia from mongols after 1462; took title of tsar or Caesar- equivalent of emperor.
  • 1480

    Moscow region free; Russian expansion presses south

    Both Ivan III and Ivan IV recruited peasants to migrate to the newly sized lands. The peasants that were recruited were called Cossacks.
  • Period:

    Life of Ivan IV (Ivan the terrible), first to emphasize the title of tsar; boyar power reduced

    Confirmed power of tsar its autocracy by attacking authority of boyars (aristocrats); continued policy of Russian expansion; established contacts with Western European commerce and culture.
  • Period:

    Russian expansion in Central Asia, western Siberia

  • Period: to

    Time of troubles

    When nobles competed with each other for power, plus Swedish and Polish attacks on Russian territory.
  • Period: to

    Romanov dynasty

    A very famous family who had mostly weak rulers, they had power and ruled in Russia until the great revolution of 1917.
  • Russian pioneers to Pacific

    Russian traded manufactured goods such as luxury furnishings and clothing for the aristocratic lifestyle for grain.
  • Law enacted making serfdom hereditary

    Known as the council code, it is a similarity to chattel slavery where slavery was hereditary.
  • Founding of St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg was named after the king who was ruling at the time. It was the capital of Russia for more than 2 hundred years.
  • Period: to

    Pugachev revolt

    During the reign of Catherine the Great; led by Cossack Emelia Pugachev, who claimed to be legitimate tsar; eventually crushed; typical of peasant unrest during the 18th century and later.