STEM Project Timeline

Timeline created by 42448
  • Project Begins

    The beginning of the project
  • Period: to

    Entire Project Timespan

  • Assign Jobs

    Assign jobs to people in group.
  • Meet With City Professionals

    Meet with the city professionals to discuss plan.
  • Find Mentor

    Meet with mentors ready to help guide us through the project.
  • Research and Project Planning Begins

    The research needed to start the project will begin, along with learning needed skills such as app developing.
  • Creation of the Project Begins

    The project is all planned out, research is mainly over, and there is enough information to begin actually working on programming and creating the app.
  • A Rough Draft Version of the App

    A rough draft of the app will be ready by the end of junior year. Will still have a lot more to add to it in the next year, but most of the hard work will hopefully be done and working properly.
  • Work Begins Again

    Back to school and work continues
  • App Finished, Bug Fixing and Testing begins

    The app is finished by now and all that is left is the bug fixing and letting people test it for problems or to see how actually useful it is.
  • Project Ends

    The end of the project
  • Present Project

    The project is completed and now is the time to present it for completion.