Suckers and quotes- Leadership

Timeline created by Mrs. Big
In Film
  • Superheroes

    The first thing I needed to do was go online and find the superhero I wanted to uses
  • Make templet

    The second thing I needed to do was make my template for the quote and superhero/sucker. I am going to do this on google docs.
  • Find and type quotes

    Third, I needed to go on and find quotes I liked. After I found quotes I liked I was going to start typing them into the template.
  • Print and cut out

    After all the quotes and superheroes were put on the template and I needed to print and cut them all out. (I did this class by class)
  • Add suckers

    After everything was cut out I placed the sucker onto the paper.
  • hand out item

    This is my final step. I need to figure out how and when I'm going to give them out.