Technology era 90s -95s

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    1990-1995 Technology era

    This time of the year is when most of the innovative technology are created or invented
  • First version of Adobe Photoshop

    First version of Adobe Photoshop
    This first fucntional prototype of Photoshop is developed by Adobe sys. to work with Apple Inc. Machines. It mark the beginning level of Photo Editing.
  • Hubble Space Telescope

    Hubble Space Telescope
    The pioneer of astronomy has been launched into space to study the deep galaxy. It is the largest telescope available and the only one that has the capability to reach deep into the unknown galaxies. It hasn't stop its job yet, it has been renewed and upgrade many times to serve the curiosity of science
  • Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office
    released in November 19, 1990. This software package contains everything a business man needs for his PC/MS-DOS computer. It was first developed on Mac but MS introduces it to Windows Platform. Three most notable software are MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    the first operational 16-bit home gaming console that is the successor to the NES. It contains one of the first 16-bit CPUs and GPUs that change the whole technological world of computing. It was praised for its endurance in the 32-bit era for surpass every opponents which is technically more advance. It is also the first console to use C++ as its programming language. It was first release in Japan in November 21, 1990
  • Tim Berners-Lee successfully sets up the first web server at

    Tim Berners-Lee successfully sets up the first web server at
    The first web sever was created by Tim Berners-Lee marking the introduction to the technology of digital world
  • American Online

    American Online
    American Online was founded. It was one of the largest email distributors and service available in the 90s. Most of the internet population was using American Online until google mail and Microsoft exchange (hotmail) came into the battlezone. Released in February 1991 for DOS the first time.
  • Linux was invented

    Linux was invented
    Linux is the first free open-source OS that is developed mainly for low-end PCs and Servers. It is one of Microsoft's main competitor because of the free-of-charge marketing system. It prooves to be very useful and "attractive" to developers because of its compability and the complexity in it. It prooves to be the father of many small devices OS and many more small applications. It is also the pioneer to "free" product making. Though may not popular to casual user but very useful to developers
  • 2G GSM - date/month unknown

    2G GSM - date/month unknown
    the 2G system was consider the “cure” for phones that period that reduce the “brick” phones to handheld device. It introduced SMS texting to the digital communication world. It also introduces the “prepaid services” to the market which mainly aims for young adults and teenager, this methods is very effective. First released in
  • Open Gl - date unknown

    Open Gl - date unknown
    Released in January 1992.
    The first OpenGL specification was released by Mark Segal and Kurt Akeley.
    It is the main Competitor against the Microsoft Direct3D or DirectX API.
  • PDA - a new term

    PDA - a new term
    John Scully first uses the term PDA at CES while describing the Apple Newton on January 7, 1992. This new term was going to used widely among the business man who prefers a small, compact PCs that can handle most of the basic jobs such as typing a document, checking mails and so on.... This is important because it marks the time when PDA came to life
  • First Apple Powerbook

    First Apple Powerbook
    The first Powerbook was produced in 1992 with all the best technology it can provided. It is the first grandfather of the series Macbook and it commence the portable Macintosh series. It has been upgraded, modified and changed a lot since its birth. Even it has been halted in 2006, its name is recorded in "Lsptop of the Year" in 2005 by Engadget.
  • IBM Think Pad - date unknown

    IBM Think Pad - date unknown
    This is the first notebook that released by IBM PCD with its new technology of TFT display and Track Point. The TFT, is for Thin Film Transitor, it is an active matrix display which is more effecient in power and brightness but costly. The Track point technology is the replacement of the mouse pad that IBM developed as the solution for small notebooks. This technology influences many future generations LCDs and Track Point.
  • Pentium Family birth

    Pentium Family birth
    Produced since march 22nd 1993 to current, it’s the 5th generations of CPUs (P5) that manufactured by Intel, these processors revolutionized the entire computer system and increased the amount of “jobs” a computer can do. It revolutionize the x86 architecture, smaller fabrications, introducing multi-tasking and consumer-end prices.
  • Doom - the first 3D FPS game

    Doom - the first 3D FPS game
    the first 3D First-person-shooter game that utilized the id Tech 1 engine. It was popular for its innovative and new 3D graphics that pioneer the game developing industries. It popularize the FPS market and influence future generations of game developers. The most impressive technology it possesses is the ability to play networked multiplayer. Until now, there are still developers making a port for many systems. It was released in December 10, 1993
  • IBM ThinkPad 775CD - date/moth unknown

    IBM ThinkPad 775CD - date/moth unknown
    This is the first portable laptop to intergrate a CD-ROM drive into the mainboard. This product wasnt very successful in the market but it open the road for companies to have "guts" to intergrate Disk Drives into them. Soon after the release, DVD Drives were born and later intergrated also. Recently, the Blu-Ray has its foot step onto portable media market.
  • - online shopping - online shopping
    At first, the purpose of the website is unknown. But then in the future, amazon has taken itself into the worlds largest online shopping service. Unlike eBay, it is "true" shopping, no auctioning.
  • Netscape Navigator

    Netscape Navigator
    This was the first Internet Browser and it was introduced on December 15th 1994. The main purpose of the browser was to easily navigate through the internet hence the name Netscape Navigator.
  • ATI 3D Rage VGA - date unknown

    ATI 3D Rage VGA - date unknown
    the first 3D and 2D capable multimedia Graphic Processing Unit which revolutionize the PC markets and capability of MPEG-1 Acceleration. It is the first commercial-use VGA for both gaming and multimedia purpose. It has it first use in AGP (accelerate graphic port) . released in Nov 1995
  • Java - unknown date/month

    Java - unknown date/month
    It was invented by James Gosling and designed by Sun Microsystems, released in 1995. It was built so that programmers would not have to design different programs in different languages for every different computer platform. As long as the computer had Java it would understand the program and put it to work.Java can be summed up as a universal language for computers.
  • Yahoo Inc.

    Yahoo Inc.
    yahoo was founded in march 1, 1995 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. The term yahoo was an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. It was developed as an search engine, web portal... and storage for database. It was one of the most successful company of all time
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  • Windows ̣95

    Windows ̣95
    This operating system was released August 24th 1995 by Microsoft. This revolutionized the operating system and integrated Internet Explorer. It is the first OS to include a operational web explorer.
  • eBay

    Founded September 3rd 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. It is a form of buying and selling through an auction style setting available to people worldwide. It was consider to be the first “true” online market to be introduce publicly.
  • Toy Story - Pixar first CGI movie

    Toy Story - Pixar first CGI movie
    This is the first Walt Disney and Pixar full CGI movie. This movie has a great plot that attract kids from all ages to see. The technology behind it? well... It requires 110 staffs with a $40 million. Because of the technology limitaion back then, 800.000 machines hours has been spent, 114,240 rendered with an average of 2–15 hours spent per frame. This massive technological advance in fimography is hugh. The numbers are amazing for the time;
  • HTML 2.0

    HTML 2.0
    This new programming protocol has pioneer the world of both developers and casual users into the information technology age. This add more "intensity" and "creativity" to the website to attract more users.
  • DVD - unknown date

    DVD - unknown date
    DVD was invented in 1995 by Philips, Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic. These are a form of storing various media types on a portable disc. It replace CD in data and movies storing and it made the Playstation, the first console uses the DVD. DVD was technically more advance with its 4.7GB of raw data, pretty alot in those times since hard drive are expensive.
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