Technology of the 2010's

Timeline created by randallm66
  • Invention of IBM Watson

    Invention of IBM Watson
    2010 would prove to be a pivotal year in the artificial intelligence field. David Ferrucci and his research team for IBM developed IBM Watson. IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence computer named after the founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson. Watson is capable of answering complex questions, and even won the Jeopardy! jackpot of $1 million in 2011.
  • Launch of iMessage

    Launch of iMessage
    iMessage was launched by Apple Inc. in 2011. This is an instant messaging service that forever changed the landscape of iPhone messaging system. This program allows a user to send texts, images, videos, documents. This program also even allows the user to view the status of the text status (read receipts).
  • Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S
    Tesla Model S is an all electric car that was released by the Elon Musks' company, Tesla. This car has ZERO emissions and changes the game for luxury vehicles, without the worry of polluting the environment.
  • Chromecast

    Chromecast is a streaming device that allows a user to stream internet based applications (such as Youtube, or Hulu) from Google Chrome or other built in apps to a high definition-television or home audio system. This was developed by Google and released on 07/14/2013.
  • Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa
    On 11/06/2014, Amazon released the Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a digital assistant, composed of AI technology. Alexa assists users with purchasing items from Amazon, playing music, making to-do-lists, provide updates on the weather and so many more (and the list is growing).