Technology Timeline

Timeline created by Brockcurtice
  • MacOS Operating System

    MacOS Operating System
    MacOS was released (developed by Apple), and it's the main operating system for Apple computers. This is the OS that was used in the computers in my school, and what I first learned on. This was incredibly significant because it is the #2 most used operating system, behind Windows.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

    Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
    Developed by Nintendo, this was a huge improvement to the previous generation of Game Boy Advance systems. Due to the new back lights, you could even use this in the dark! This was a big step in the direction leading to the ever popular Nintendo DS, and remains a nostalgic remnant of the early 2000s.
  • Barnes & Noble Nook

    Barnes & Noble Nook
    Developed by Barnes & Noble, having many updates since, this E-reading device was one of the influential brands to popularize E-reading. They partnered with publishers to increase the amount of titles available through E-book, helped drive the field forward.
  • Apple iPad 1st Generation

    Apple iPad 1st Generation
    The iPad, created by Apple and Steve Jobs, this tablet was extremely influential in creating and increasing the popularity of tablets. The rush created by the release of the iPad was massive. Even today more models are constantly being released, and it's almost universally recognized.
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

    Oculus Rift Virtual Reality
    Prototypes of the Oculus Rift VR headset were originally made in 2011 by the then 18 year old Palmer Luckey. In 2012, Oculus started a successful Kickstarter campaign to get funding. Now they have made a name for themselves by being pioneers in the VR and gaming world. With multiple applications, VR is sure to be a common technology of the near future .