Technology Timeline

Timeline created by Pjgurusi
  • The First Telephone

    The First Telephone
    Made by Alexander Graham Bell.
    He used the phone to call his assistant in the other room, this was the first phone call made
  • The First Television

    The First Television
  • The Internet: ARPANET

    The Internet: ARPANET
    Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.
    Was the first wide-area packet switching network with distributed control.
    Became the technical foundation of the Internet.
  • The First Personal Computer

    The First Personal Computer
    First computer was made by a small company MITS called The Altair.
    Didn't take off until Apple introduced them.
  • The First Digital Camera

    The First Digital Camera
    The first amera was actually made by a KODAK engineer in 1974, Steve Sasson. It was introduced professionally in 1991.
  • GPS Navigation

    GPS Navigation
    The BMW 7 series E38 was the first car model to introdue GPS navigation in Europe.
    America created the first car with navigation systems in 1995, the Oldsmobile
  • Web Browser

    Web Browser
    Was created by Tim Berners-Lee. Influenced the making of Chrome and Firefox. Was called the WorldWideWeb
  • Global Positioning System

    Global Positioning System
    Fully operational in 1995,
    launched in 1973
  • Social Media

    Social Media
    Though there were earlier versions, Facebook was the first social media platform to succeed.
  • The Modern Cellphone

    The Modern Cellphone
    Like social media and the digital camera, there were many others before it it only took Apple in order to mae it worldwide. The first mobile cellphone was made by Nokia in 1992