Technology Use Progression

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    Technology Use Progression

  • iTunes

    It allowed users to record music from CDs, bring it into iTunes and mix it with other songs. It transformed music distribution and the entire music industry.
  • Blu-Ray Disc

    Blu-Ray Disc
    Was developed by sony and designed to store high definition video at 1080p, while older DVD's were only capable of 480p
  • PowerMac G5

    PowerMac G5
    Created with Apple and IBM has 64-bit. the G5 had comparatively limited space for expansion. rated number 3 in November of that year on the world’s TOP 500 fastest computers
  • First iphone

    First iphone
    Created by Steve Jobs It featured quad-band GSM cellular connectivity with GPRS and EDGE support for data transfer.
  • The MacBook air

    The MacBook air
    created by steve Jobs. Apple introduces their first ultra notebook. A light, thin laptop with high-capacity battery. Associated with Apple's MacBook line of laptops, including integrated camera, and Wi-Fi capabilities