Telephone invention

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  • Telephone invention

    the telephone was invented for italian inventor Antonio Meucci and was patented for Alexander Gragham Bell in USA.
  • First Tlephone Company

    The first telephone company "Bell Telephone Company" was founded
  • Public Phone

    The first public phone was installed in the US
  • Telephone Production

    For the production of the invention it was given to 5 companies
  • Evolution

    The evolution of the phone was designed by Lars M. Ericsson
  • Worldwide transmissions

    The first worldwide transmissions of telegraphic signals and the human voice in wireless telephony was through Landell de Moura, in São Paulo.
  • Telephone exchange

    the first automatic telephone exchange was opened by Alon B. Strowgeer
  • Submarine conection

    First submarine cable for national connections was between Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi
  • folding pocket phone

    The first slim carbon fiber folding pocket phone was patented by Finnish inventor Eric Tigerstedt
  • Creation of EMBRATEL

    EMBRATEL was created with the main objective of national integration through the Direct Distance Discagem system
  • handheld cell phone

    The first handheld cell phone was introduced by Motorola, although the first handheld mobile phone was commercially available in the 1980s.
  • automated cellular network

    The first commercial automated cellular network was launched in Japan by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
  • Crfeation of Agency Anatel

    The national telecommunications agency Anatel was created.
  • sale of mobile phones

    15 million mobile phones were sold, making it possible to send and receive data and images at very high speed
  • Third generation

    the third generation (3G) was released in Japan by NTT DoCoMo in the WCDMA standard