Texas Timeline from 1836 - 1845

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In History
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Texas defeated the Mexican troops when some Mexican troops were sent to retrieve a cannon that Mexico had given to them to help protect them from Comanche Native Indians raids.
  • Battle of Goliad

    The Battle of Goliad was a Texas victor, but led to the Goliad massacre.
  • Texas declares independence from Mexico

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  • Battle of the Alamo

    From 02/23/1836 to 03/06/1836 Davy Crocket, William B. Travis, and Jim Bowie led a battle with 180 Texans against 4,000 Mexican soldiers led by General Santa Anna. Texas lost this battle.
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  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Texas defeats the Mexican Army and captures General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana on April 22, 1836
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    This was the final battle of the Texas Revolution. General Sam Houston led the Texas army by the San Jacinto River. Sam Houston ordered the destruction of the Vince's bridge to prevent the arrival of Mexican reinforcement.
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  • Texans vote for annexation to the United States

    Texas voted on a new government, national constitution, and a high supporting vote for annexation to the United States.
  • United States recognizes the Republic of Texas

    President Andrew Jackson's last act as president.
  • Texas minister to the Unites States presents formal offer for Texas annexation

  • Texas withdraws the offer of annexation

    Because of the United States Congress' failure to act on the proposal Texas takes back the offer of annexation.
  • Texas Congress passes the joint resolution of the withdrawal of the annexation proposal.

    President Sam Houston's proposal of the withdrawal of annexation.
  • President Sam Houston issues proclamation of armistice between Texas and Mexico.

    Sam Houston declares a "truce" with Mexico.
  • Annexation treaty signed between United States and Texas

    United States senate rejects treaty 35 to 16 on June 8, 1844.
  • Texas annexation resolution signed by President Tyler.

  • Annexation offer sent to Texas president Anson Jones

  • Texas voters approve annexation ordinance and Texas State constitution.

    Vote finalized count on January 1, 1846 was 7,664 to 430 for annexation to the United States.
  • Texas officially becomes the 28th state of the United States.

    President Polk signs the Joint Resolution.
  • Transfer of government is completed.

    J. Pinckney Henderson sworn in and takes the oath of office to become the Governor of Texas.
  • United States Congress annexation accepted by Texas Convention.