The Age of Napoleon 18.3

Timeline created by alex lanpher
  • Napoleon was born.

    Napoleon was born.
    At this time Napoleon was born in Corsica. Corsica is were Napoleon started his life. Soon after his father came from minor nobility in Italy.
  • Captain Napoleon

    Captain Napoleon
    At this time Napoleon became the captain. Napoleon rose very quickly through the ranks.
  • Napoleon becomes commander.

    Napoleon becomes commander.
    Napoleon became the commander of the French armies in Italy, and he won a series of battles.
  • The Return to France

    The Return to France
    At this time Napoleon returned to France as a hero. He was also given command of an army in training to invade Britain.
  • Coup d'etat

    Coup d'etat
    At this time he took part of the coup d'etat of 1799 that helped set up a new government.
  • Agreement

    At this time he came to an agreement with the pope that Catholism is the religion of majority.
  • Consul

    At this time he became consul for life. Then two years later he crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I.
  • Napoleon Code

    Napoleon Code
    The Napoleon Code was introduced. This preserved things like, equality of all citizens before the law, the right for someone to choose their proffesion, religious toleration and the abolition of serfdom.
  • Trafalgar

    The British defeated the French-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar. This ended Napoleon's invasion plan.
  • Master of Europe

    Master of Europe
    At this time Napoleon was the master of Europe. This lasted until 1812.
  • Nationalism

    The empire collapsed due to many reasons. One being nationalism.
  • Entering Russia

    Entering Russia
    600,000 soldiers entered Russia and Napoleon hoped to have a quick victory. However the Russians refused to fight.
  • 40,000 return

    40,000 return
    This event was tragic because of the 600,000 original soldiers just 40,000 returned. Major reasons for this is starving, and the coldness.
  • Paris was Captured

    Paris was Captured
    At this time Paris was captured, then Napoleon soon went into exile.
  • Waterloo

    In Waterloo Napoleon met a combined British and Prussian army and this led to a bloody defeat. This led to Napoleon having to exile until his death.
  • Napoleons death

    Napoleons death
    Napoleon remained in exile until he died in 1821. However his memory haunted French politcal life for many decades.