The Bread Winner

Timeline created by sarah2
  • Bombing in Afghanistan

    Bombing in Afghanistan
    So our main character's house she is living in now is more like a room than anything. The reason they are living in such a rut is because the Taliban bombed their last houses so they have to find a house that wasn't bombed. They finally found one house that wasn't bombed and this is where the story takes place.
  • Taliban Law and Order

    Taliban Law and Order
    The main character Parvana, has to stop going to school all of a sudden because she is a girl. You see in Afghanistan they don't beleive in Woman's rights! So all the woman of Afghanistan have to walk around outside wearing barqas or a chadors. That was one of the laws created by the taliban.
  • Prison Break

    Prison Break
    Parvana and her family were having dinner one night like they would have always but this perticular night something was different, they had to laugh when they saw Mariam their youngest daughter throw the rice and nan all over her face! Once everyone was laughing the Taliban burst through the door and took their father away to jail. They had to drag him because the bottom half of his right leg was gone!
  • News Flash water makes you sick

    In Kabul where they live in Afghanistan you have to get your water from a tap outside. You can't drink the water cold because it will make you very sick. So they had to boil their water to drink it. One day in our story Parvana was so thirsty she almost drank the water cold! Luckally Nooria was there to stop her! Parvana could have been sick for weeks!
  • Can Taliban Have Feelings?

    Parvana set off for another day of work she didn't get lots of costomers but she didn't really care that much. later that day one of the taliban had come to get a letter read because that is what Parvana or should I say Kaseem does. the Taliban had a letter from germany and parvana read to Fatima Azima Dear Niece, I am very sorry I could not make it to your wedding but I hope this letter does. Do not be mad at me my darling I had to move out of Afghanistan. sorry love you aunt
  • A Boy Transformation

    Since Parvana's father was captured and women were not alowed outside without a man or a boy they could not eat so they decided since Parvana was only 11 and looked most like a boy they would have to turn her into a boy. Mrs. Weera their old neihbour had moved in with them to keep them in shape! Mrs.Weera knew they could get her to look like a boy but she
    would have to act the part. Parvana was so pleased that someone cared about her felling she was a boy!
    would have to act the part as well.
  • a Friend in need is a Friend indeed!

    so the next day when Parvana went to work she thought she saw a firmilliar face. Her friend from school Shauzia was in the same possition as her! Shauzia had to be a tea boy for her family to eat! The only thing that was different about the two was Shauzia father had died in a suprise bombing attack! Shauzia had just noticed Parvana and the two had some catching up to do!
  • Treasure Hunters

    Parvana and Shuazia her friend need more money than they were getting. All of the sudden Shauzia got a very good idea to get trays and follow the crowd of people with their merchendice.But there was a flaw in their plan they didn't get enough money each day for the trays or the merchendice! Shauiza thought that if they dug up graves it would help a lot and it did but it wasn't good!
  • a horrible horrible death

    Parvana had finally had enough money to buy the trays and was working as tray boy! One day everyone was at the Soccer arena for something and Parvana and Shauiza thought it was a soccer game but it was a Taliban taking Prisoners and Killing them chopping their arms off and somethimes slitting their wrist! It was a grolling site the they worent suppost to see!
    they had to leave or else that could be them!
  • The brother that died

    When Parvana's older sister Nooria was very little she had a brother named Hossaim. He was killed in a bombing just like Shuaiza's dad. When Parvana was turned into a boy she had to wear his cloths but the only problem was it made her mother very depressed when she wore them.