The car: An important fragment in history.

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In History
  • The Invention of the Automobile

    The Invention of the Automobile
    The car was invented by Karl Benz on January 29, 1885! The car ran on electric ignition and water cooling. The biography of Karl Benz says, "In 1885, a German mechanical engineer named Karl Benz designed and built the world's first practical automobile powered by an internal-combustion engine."
  • Patent for Gas-Fueled Cars!

    Patent for Gas-Fueled Cars!
    "A year later, Benz received the first patent for a gas-fueled car on January 29, 1886."!
  • A New Kind of Car.

    A New Kind of Car.
    The Ford Model T was manufactured in 1908 on October 1. When the car was published that was the same year the automobile became popular! The Model T was the second car but yet the first four-wheeled car! The Ford Model T is the seventh most poular car of all time!

    In 1911 electric ignition starters were created for cars. The starters are also known as the electrical ignition system. They were made by Charles Kettering. They are used in every single car in the present day! The biography of Charles Kettering states, "The first electrical ignition system or electric starter motor for cars was invented by General Motors (GM) engineers Clyde Coleman and Charles Kettering. "