The Civil War

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  • Lincoln's Great Achievement

    Abraham Lincoln is elected to be the 16th president of the united states. He becomes the first republican to be in the office that opposes the spread of slavery. The country is heading in the direction of the civil war, many people did not appreciate Lincoln as president.
  • South Is Not Happy

    The first secession convention is being held in South Carolina. The country is heading for a civil war where the south no longer agrees with how Abraham wants the nation, they're to many different views.
  • I'm Out!

    The southern states secedes from the union, although 3 states are left and those are known as the border states. The country has now begun it's civil war, they are disagreeing on many points. In the future the OG southern residents are still racist.
  • Solid South

    6 additional southern states secedes from the Union, the southern states are becoming all democrats to oppose Lincoln's political views. In the future Democrats and Republican have very different views which is why they argue so much, all though over the years these two parties have changed in very drastic ways.
  • New Southern President!

    Jefferson Davis became the first confederate president of the souther states such as Montgomery, Alabama, and etc.
  • The Beginning of Abraham Lincoln

    This was the day Abraham Lincoln finally came into power, now his policies and new laws can be amended to preserve the union back to how it was. This will now get southerns even more angrier because now Lincoln's policies will take action and destroy their Confederate reign. For example the Emancipation of Proclamation of 1863 really angered the southern slave owners who relied on slavery to make their money.
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    The New Southern Government

    After the south has seceded from the Union they create a new government in Montgomery, Alabama. This is the beginning of the Confederates a very racist government. These confederate people are known to have brought very racist laws such as the Jim Crow, the KKK was formed and they violated the human and civil rights of the African Americans.