the execution of anastasia and her family

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  • before everythings goes bad

    anastasia and her family are notified that they will be put on soldier's rations.
  • lockdown

    anastasia and her family are not allowed to go out of the house and they are upset feeling like there in a lock down
  • Bolshevik government takes over

    the bolshevik government led by vladimir Ilyitch lenin made a peace treaty with the germans and the bolsheviks agreed to surrender poland,ukraine,the crimera and other russian territory and to anastasias father it seems like russia has died
  • saying goodbye

    anastasia and her family leave to Ekaterinburg even the dogs leave
  • going to the "house of speacial purpose"

    anastasia,her sisters,her brother alexei and her parents all go to the "house of special puprose". the loyal members of the family's staff leaves to tobolsk but some of the staff went straight to prison. but otehrs including tutors were released and they went to ekaterinburg and ordered to leave the city
  • the armies aproaches ekaterinburg

    the white army troops and the red army of the bolsheviks approached ekaterinburg with caused fear to anastasias family.
  • something wasnt right

    tue family started to notice something that was different. the behaviors of their captors were different. they knew something wasnt right
  • the execution

    shortly after midnight on july 17th the secret police woke anastasia and her family and ordered them to get dress and go downstairs. 11 executioners entered the room. each one of them were shot. including their friends and their servants. anastasias aunt was also murdered. only a few survived. one survivor was anastasia's grandmother.