The Family trip to Rome

Timeline created by aniijp
  • On the loney road

    On the loney road
    Nighttime. It was almost midnight. I was in my jumper, Hungry, I was getting the heebee jeebees. We were going to Rome for the summer holiday. I was a bit shook up since it was my first trip abroad. We had applied for Visas, tickets and an iternary. We went along the road and we reached the airport. We got out of the car, me and my Mom and Dad. We lobed the luggage out of the back, dumped it on a trolley and we started to move. We checked in at terminal one. We were flying Austrian.
  • Getting onto the plane

    Getting onto the plane
    Oh well. We got onto the plane. I was feeling so happy since my Mom got a Cinnabon for me. As I ate, I felt a quiver of exitement. This was it. We saw the bus zoom up. Silently I boarded the bus, got hold of a strap, and stood as the bus zoomed toward the Austrian 767. I boarded and sat in my seat as the pilot reversed the plane to get it to the runway...
  • In the air

    In the air
    We took of and after a few breathtaking views of the small Dubai, I fell asleep. Then I woke up in a cold sweat. I had a horrifying dream but to wake me up, I plugged in my headphones,turned the volume as high as it would go and put loud rock music on. I was jumping a few minutes after that. We had a stopover in Vienna and after the stopover we were back into the air. We landed again but this time at Rome.
  • In Rome at last.

    So we were now in Rome. We zoomed through the airport and then we got our bags and got out and we found our chauffer. We got into the car and we drove to our hotel. I was a bit shattered but it wasn't that bad. As we reached the hotel I got really scared. The entarance door looked so small I started to wonder wether out bags were actually going to fit through the door. We checked in and this was it. I could feel her presence. I could feel my cousin's presence.
  • Happy Reuonion

    Happy Reuonion
    I took the elevator up to the second floor. That was where my cousin was staying. I knocked on the door really hard. The door swung open and there she was. I hugged her and we went into her room. I saw a lollypop and much more candy. I asked her how she got it. It turns out, while we were travelling in the night, it was morning in Rome and they had gone around she mangaed to pesuade her dad into buying her candy. We put our bags in our room and we freshened up and we came downstairs.
  • The fun begins

    The fun begins
    Well, we got out of the hotel and we started to walk out to find one of those tour buses. We found one and we bought tickets and we climbed aboard. We got earplugs and climbed to the open top deck. We plugged our earplugs into the jacks and we started to get a monalouge as we drove through Rome. We would talk and talk. Soon we arrived to the famous Colleseum. It was too crowded to get in so we started to walk back to the hotel with a bit of tourist merchendise. I was so shattered with whole gig.
  • The subway adventure

    After a bit of sleep in the afternoon, my battery was full and I wanted to see more of beautiful Rome. It turns out my Mom had stuff planed for the evening... A subway adventure! We quickly bought tickets and we zoomed into a platform. It wasn't crowded since it was night. A creaky subway