First color television

Timeline created by Naranjo García Perla
  • the beggining

    the beggining
    Scotsman John Logie Baird, was the one who in 1928 gave the first stereoscopic and color television sample with a mechanical system of still images. However, Baird's works on black and white television did not have a chance to form a deal.
  • sequential trichromatic system of fields

    sequential trichromatic system of fields
    In the 1939s the sequential trichromatic system of fields was developed by Guillermo González Camarena,
    which in simple words means creating color television.
  • the importance of GonCam laboratories

    the importance of GonCam laboratories
    by 1949, the first equipment was made to make a broadcast on a closed-circuit television. From this event, private companies were genuinely interested in his work.
  • color television in new york

    color television in new york
    Meanwhile, in the same year, the television was patented by Peter Goldmark in New York.
    But as Mexican television progressed, some North American private channels decided to implement the Camarena system, which would lead him to establish himself as the father of color television worldwide
  • television reaches Mexican families

    television reaches Mexican families
    Although it was in 1960 that Mexican families obtained the product of Guillermo's effort, the way to achieve monochrome television had different shades, they had different experiments and the support of the Mexican government, as well as the country's private television stations.
  • Mexico the fourth country

    Mexico the fourth country
    in 1963 Mexico was the fourth country to become one of the countries in the world to broadcast a commercial color program (after the United States, Japan and Canada).
  • Channel 5

    Channel 5
    In 1963 the Simplified Bicolor System was created, which was simpler and more affordable. The first color transmission was on Channel 5, with the series Paraíso infantil, since González Camarena believed that television was an effective means of alphabetizing people. For this reason, and as the only payment for his services, he requested the creation of Channel 5, especially for children.
  • TES

    In the late sixties, a television literacy system was implemented with the Ministry of Public Education: the Telesecundaria Educational System.
  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day
    A few months later, on April 18, 1970, the "television technician's day" was instituted, in memory of Dr. and Ing. Guillermo González Camarena.
  • NASA photographs Jupiter

    NASA photographs Jupiter
    In 1979, during the Voyager I mission, the Bicolor System developed by González Camarena was used by NASA to photograph the planet Jupiter for the first time.
  • a technological evolution

    a technological evolution
    In 1998, the biggest step was taken in the technological evolution of television from color television, with digital television. Since there was no comparable image quality, digital television was simply better.