the Green party

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  • Greenpeace founded

    in the 1970s the green peace was founded and is stil maintained till today, regrettably it broke of as a seperate branch of the stand alone green party back in those time
  • Core beliefs (Not an event)

    They say the green party has a bulletpoint standard of beliefs: to name a few they believe in social justice, respect in diversity, and other causes of groups like nonviolence
  • Alliances

    the red-green alliance is an alliance formed to further discuss and manage for the purpose of forming a new gov ernment, not that it evers going to happen but ive had my doubts
  • Creaton of the Green Party

    Founded in 1991 this party was created by rather a previous group than one man alone, i traced its roots to as early as the 1980's and later gained widespread popularity during the 1990's and the year 2000
  • Green party History

    Although the movement began sometime around 1984 ten years later all they ever really did was create other commitees like the comitee of correspondance
  • 1997 Elections

    (No specific date listed) In this year alone there was a high widespread support for the green pasrty due to the fact that in my opinion are poining that democrats and republicans only care about
  • 1997 Elections Continued...

    About making the other consecutive party look bad in the eyes of the public, in this case theyre saying that niether is getting the job done.
  • What the green party does

    The green party in general are a bunch of eco-hippies, a further axample of this would be treee huggers and careeers for the well bing of the cosystem of decreace polution anything that cares for our earth, now politically theyre only active of our own affairs, not so good with forgiegn relations. Contineued in Green party Cont.
  • Green Party Continued...

    The green party politically are the watchdogs and critics of or against mostly the democrats and republicans partys of the united states, they do generate alot of meida and other hihgs of attention, and their opinion is mostly respected
  • GPUS Office

    No further info, i honestly cant find an answer to this but they say they officially started the american party on this year
  • Alliances continued...

    the irish green party forms an alliance or (coalition) with the Fianna Fail, just a well as the progressive Demorcats also joined together
  • The green party continues its Goal

    the green party does have a goal othe rthan political stuff, they care for the enviroment, for the ecosystem and earths health itself, they dont call themselves the green group for nothing
  • Green party Exploits

    it is a little known fact that the green party is not a pairlament
    and as well as having different groups of the same party around the world
  • More Green party details

    The green party is a third party political candidate group, and is run in a group rather than a standalone indivisual
  • Locations (all 50 states)

    the green party is locateded in all fifty states other than hawaii