The Green Party

Timeline created by Breena13
  • Green Party expands

    The growth of Green Chapters started to pick up steam in the late 1980's.
  • Ten Key Values

    The Green Committees of Correspondence set forth the Ten Key Values that the Green Party runs by.
  • GPCA

    First gathering of greens from over the United States. It was a five day conference and over 2000 participants came.
  • GPCA

    California Green Assembly is launched
  • Alaska's Green Party

    Alaska was the first state to get ballot status for the Green Party
  • The Green Party of California

    GPCA was founded at Cal State Sacramento.
  • The Green/Green Party USA orginization

    The groups faced a lot of problems and the expansion they had had in the 1980s stopped in the 1990s.
  • Split into The Greens/Green Party USA

    Arguments about if their party would be corrupt, the Green Committees of Correspondence split the Party into The Greens/Green Party USA
  • GPCA

    Obtained ballot status
  • GPCA

    The Green Party of California was the second Green Party founded in the US
  • Green Party started off as Association of State Green Parties

    The ASGP was formed after the election of 1996. This group was formed to help existing parties.
  • New York Greens Assembly

    The Ten Key Values were adopted by the New York Greens Assembly in 1996.
  • Green Party New York

    The New York Green Party gained ballot satus in 1998.
  • Presidential Nominating Convention

    In Denver, CO., Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke were nominated for President and Vice President.
  • Green Party of the United States

    The United State's official Green Party was formed in the year of 2001.
  • National Party status

    Declared party status with the Federal Election Commission (FEC)
  • GPNY lost ballot status

    New York lost the right to enroll in the Green Party until 2005, when they gained back the right to have ballot status.
  • 2004 Green National Convention

    In Milwaukee, WI., David Cobb and Pat LaMarche were on the Presidential campaign ticket.
  • LA Action

    Anti-War March and Rally in downtown Los Angeles. Organized by the Troops Out Now Coalition. This march was centered around pulling the troops out of Iraq as soon as possible.
  • 2008 Voting

    In Chicago, Cynthia McKinneywas voted for President and for Vice Presdient, Rosa Clemente won the election.