The Helicopter

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  • Jan 1, 1480

    The First Helicopter

    The First Helicopter
    The Idea of the Helicopter was around 400 BC but Leondardo Da Vinici originally created the IDEA and started modelling it. Leondardo's was created in the mid 1480's.
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    Jan 1, 1480

    Timeline of the Helicopter

  • Tandem Rotor

    Tandem Rotor
    In July 1754 Mikhail Comonosov demonstrated the fisrt Tandem Rotor. It was demonstrated to the Russian Acedemy of Science. Its was one of the first demonstrated Tandem Rotor in the world.
  • Counter Roating Rotors

    Counter Roating Rotors
    Christian de Launoy, and his helper made a pair of of counter roating rotors. It was created by using turkey flight feathers as rotor blades.
  • The Airplane

    The Airplane
    Because the Airplane and Helicopter are similar, all of the Helicopter improvments over the years have inspired the Wright Borthers to create the first Airplane. The Airplane was created in 1903. In 1903 the first succesful launch of the Airplane was made,
  • Gyroplane No.1.

    Gyroplane No.1.
    Two French Brothers, Jaques and Louis Brequet began experimenting with airfoils for helicopters and in 1907 those experiments became the first flight Gyroplane No.1.
    The Gyroplane No.1. was lifted 2 feet 0.6 for a minute. The Helicopter was unsteady. A man had to be at each corner of the plane in order for it to be safe, because the plane was unsteady.
  • The Brequet-Dorand Gyroplane Laboratoire

    The Brequet-Dorand Gyroplane Laboratoire
    The Bequet-Dorand Gyroplane Laboratoire was the improvement of the past Helicopters. Many accidents happened! It first took flight 26 June 1935
  • The Germans

    The Germans
    After the succes of the Brequet-Dorand Gyroplane Laboratoire the German Focke-Wulf Fw 61 would defeat its accomplishments. Later it had a lot of improvments!
  • Fw 61

    Fw 61
    The Fw 61 was also an improvement from the Germans past Helicopter. It broke all of the records. The records it broke were, hightest evaluation, longest distance...