The history of air transport

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    Wright Brothers

    Wilbur Wright was born in april 16 1867 and died in december 1 1912, he was one of the inventor who invented the airplane.
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    Orville Wright

    Orville wright was born in 1871 and died in 1948, he was one of the inventor who invented the airplane.
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    first try

    The brothers' first glider, tested in 1900, failed to fly
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    second trial

    A second trial in 1901 fared better
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    a wind tunnel

    Later that year, the brothers built a wind tunnel in which they tested over 200 wing and airframe designs.
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    a successful glider

    This resulted in a successful glider model, flown in 1902 at Kill Devils Hills near Kitty Hawk.
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    airplane created !

    Back in Ohio, the brothers designed a engine which they planned to use to power the flight of a plane. Returning to Kitty Hawk, they began test flights in 1903. The engine stalled during a December 14 try .After three days of repairs, it was staying up for 12 seconds and flew 120 feet. On the last flight that day, Wilbur flew 852 feet in 59 seconds.
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    later years

    During the next few years, the brothers developed more sophisticated planes. They later formed the Wright Company, which built and sold their airplanes.