The History of Video Game Consoles

Timeline created by cmccar2
  • Creation of Video Games

    Edward U. Condon invents a computer that allows people to play against each other.
  • Atari releases Pong

    Atari releases Pong
    Pong becomes increasingly popular and marks the start of home home gaming
  • Nintendo is released

    Nintendo is released
    Nintendo releases many games that captivate children due to is improved graphics and games with advanced storytelling. Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda games are born and become very popular.
  • Sega Releases the Genesis

    Sega Releases the Genesis
    Game company Sega releases Genesis and the character Sonic the Hedgehog to try to attract a new audience.
  • GameBoy is released

    GameBoy is released
    The Nintendo Game Boy was the first ever handheld gaming console.
  • PlayStation is created

    PlayStation is created
    PlayStation creates the first CD-ROM based video game console that allowed for more data allowing more advanced gaming to take form.
  • PlayStation 2 is released

    PlayStation 2 is released
    Sony's PlayStation 2 introduced backward gaming as well as the DualShock Controller. Backward gaming allowed PS1 games to be played on the PS2, skyrocketing sales on the PS2 even though the games available at the launch was small.
  • Microsoft releases the first Xbox

    Microsoft releases the first Xbox
    The Xbox was the first console to bring Microsoft into the Video Game Console realm.
  • PlayStation 3 is released

    PlayStation 3 is released
    Sony's PlayStation 3 was the first video game console to use Blu-ray Disk as its sole medium.
  • Nintendo releases the Wii console

    Nintendo releases the Wii console
    The Nintendo Wii was a revolutionary console as it introduced a motion detection controller.
  • PlayStation 4 is released

    PlayStation 4 is released
    Sony's PlayStation 4 is the latest of the PlayStation devices. The PlayStation 5 is set to be released in November '20.