The Life of Charles Darwin

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  • Early Life and Education of Charles Darwin

    Early Life and Education of Charles Darwin
    Charles Robert Darwin was born on 1809 in England and raised by his father, who was a doctor. Darwin's father enrolled him in Shrewsbury School where he studied for many years, however Darwin dropped out due to bad grades. He began to express his interest on living beings and their origins and presents his paper on thoughts to, recently joined, Plinian Society.
  • Darwin and his Sea Voyage

    Darwin and his Sea Voyage
    Charles became part of the Beagle Voyage, which sailed to South America,to start his documentations of the creatures found there. He called it his most important event of his life! Darwin studied various plants and animals, collecting specimens for further analysis. He also found Fossils that were extinct and similar to modern species. He returned home and started writing papers on his findings and theories. This was the start of his Theory on Mutation and Evolution of animals.
  • Charles Darwin Began " Descent of Modification"

    Charles Darwin Began " Descent of Modification"
    Charles began drawing out his beliefs on how the human species developed. At the time, he gave his wife. who he trusted, instructions on how to release it if he died. O'Neil, Dennis. “Darwin and Natural Selection.”
    - Early Theories of Evolution: Darwin and Natural Selection, 1988,
  • Charles Darwin's End of Life

    Charles Darwin's End of Life
    Charles finally published his work of his Geological findings he discovered in South America in 1846. He then continued his research to start the study of barnacles. He did this for several years then progressed to studying the evolution of seeds. His theory of Natural Selection was developed in 1856. "The Galápagos finches provide an excellent example of this process." To sum up the findings; Charles found that different environments changed the way the species of birds adapted.
  • Charles Darwin's Death

    Charles Darwin's Death
    In 1864, Charles Darwin was presented the Copley Medal which was the highest scientific award of the Royal Society of London. Darwin died in 1882 and was buried at Westminster Abbey. Although, his work helped pave way for free thinking and his theories still live on in modern times.