The Life of Gurshan Gill

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  • The Start of a New Life ( Birth )

    The Start of a New Life ( Birth )
    Hello, my name is Gurshan Gill and I was born on June 29th, 2005 in Brampton Ontario in the Brampton civic hospital. My name was given to me by my dad as the “Gur” means god and success and “shan” was a name he liked. My dad's name is Yadwinder and my moms name is Satbir so there was no connection but he basically wanted it to show strength, integrity and to prove that I was scared to nothing and wanted the challenge.
  • The New beginning ( New House )

    The New beginning ( New House )
    Shortly after I was born, my family and I moved into our first house in Brampton, Ontario. I had a sister along with me, she was 2 years older but she was the person I was going to grow up with in this new house. My family and I still live in that same house simply because we like it and the neighborhoods are very nice with many schools and parks
  • First Day of school

    First Day of school
    Starting school was always a problem for me. I went to kindergarten at Shaw Public School in Brampton, Ontario which was about a 5 minute walk away from my house. I had a lot of problems because I never really liked to interact with people. The process of me adapting to this was difficult because it was never my favourite thing to do and I had a lot of problems going to school when I first started.
  • A Change Upon Me ( New School )

    A Change Upon Me ( New School )
    As I went through the years of school, things started to get better throughout the process. I made a lot of friends and by the age of 8, I could say I had some friends that I enjoyed playing with. However, by the time grade 4 was about to finish, I was told that all Peel elementary schools were going to be changed from kindergarten to grade 4, to kindergarten to grade 8 and then the nearest school for me was changed to Mountain Ash Public School meaning I had to leave the school and my friends.
  • A New Start ( Middle School )

    Now that I was in grade 6, you could say that I was in middle school even though it was a public K to 8 however this was still a big part of my life. The process of me going to a new school was difficult at first but it only got easier. From grade 4 to grade 6, I had drastic changes as I made many new friends and this was the point in my life where I figured out who my real friends with and I started to make my main friend circle. This was a very happy time for me as I was starting to enjoy life
  • A DownFall

    At this point in time, I was in grade 8 and pretty much everything was amazing, I had good friends, good grades and my life didn't really have any problems until one day from work my dad come home with bad news, that his good friend since childhood had sadly passed away from a heart attack. This was very sad because not only was he my dads friend, he was familiar with the whole family and my sister and I looked to him as a uncle, a mentor and to hear the news, we were devastated.
  • Making a Push Towards the Future (High School Courses)

    The death of my dads friend was still with us and was hard to cope, but at this point it was near the end on November and I had to make my decision for what courses I needed to pick for Grade 9. Since all courses were mandatory I need to decide on academic or applied and I chose academic. This is simply because I believe that I will be able to handle the full academic course load and this would better my chances to further my education afterwards. My school choice was still not yet decided.
  • A Loss in the Family

    A Loss in the Family
    Sadly, my family and I suffered another death in the family who was our great grandfather. This one struck my dad the hardest since he knew was his grandfather and loved him a lot. He was just starting to get over the loss of his friend and for me, it wasn't easy either. Seeing my dad in so much pain took a toll on me too. My dad didn't know what to do other than grieve, i didn't know what to do other than comfort him. It was a tuff time for both of us and the process throughout, wasn't easy.
  • A Dent in my Plan

    A Dent in my Plan
    I had already applied to North Park for the IBT program but I was sadly not accepted. This meant I had to go to Sandalwood Heights, but there was an option to request a transfer which I did because my sister also went to North Park so it would be easier for transportation. I got in and was given the option to come but I had to decide whether or not I wanted to leave my friends and trust we would still be in contact but considering how far we have come, I trusted that we would still be friends.
  • New Friend(s)

    New Friend(s)
    Since I went to a different school, I wasn't seeing my friends everyday and it was difficult to stay in touch with only some of them and I may have actually lost a few. I wasnt that bummed out by it because this was just starting to show my true friends, who the people I will always be with and is was pretty much a learning life lesson. I did make some friends at my new school and introduced them to my other friends, we were able to have good times and it worked out in the end for everyone.