The Life Of Yip Man

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  • Birth

    Ip man was born on October 1st 1893 in Foshon Guangdong to Yip Oi-dor and Ng Shui. He was the third born out of four children. His family was very wealthy and he recived a traditional Chinese education.
  • Period: to

    Life of Yip Man

  • Learning Wing Chun

    At the age of 13 Ip Man started learning Wing Chun from Wah-shun. Ip Man was also his last student because of his old age. Ip learned most of his skills and techniques from Chan's second eldest disciple , Ng Chung-sok.
  • Moving to Hong Kong

    Moving to Hong Kong
    At the age of 16 Ip moved to Hong Kong with help from his relative Leung Fut-ting.
  • Life in Hong Kong

    At 17 Ip attended school at St. Stephen's College.One day coming home from school he saw police beating a women and he stepped in and struck the police. Soon asfeter he was challegned by a man who said his technique was not great. The man challenged him in Chi Sao and Ip was defeated. His opponent turned out to be Leung Bik and soon started learning from him.
  • Starting a Family

    Ip Man got married to a lady by the name Cheung Wing Sing and had four children. Two sons (Yip Chun and Yip Ching) and two daughters (Yip Ar Sum and Yip Ar Woon).
  • Life in Foshan

    Moved to Foshan to become a police man.
  • The Chinese Civil War

    Ip Man went to Kwok Fu's village house during the Japanese Occupation. He only returned to Foshan after the war, to once again take up the job of a police officer. At the end of 1949, the Chinese Communist party won the Chinese civil war.
  • His students

    His students
    Ip Man loved his students and established the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association.
  • Coming to the end

    Coming to the end
    When Ip man go cancer he asked his students to film themselves perfroming the Wing Chun system.
  • The death

    The death
    Yip man died of cancer. Most people he know for being modest and unassuming who was friendly and humorous.